Inta Stanulena
Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor

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If you're motivated to get healthier and stronger, you've come to the right place.

The Classical Pilates exercises that Joseph Pilates developed may take many years to perfect and may be beyond the capability of the average person, so I break those exercises down so that you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates whilst working safely and effectively as you move towards the more advanced exercises. In this way, I am able to work with first-time exercisers or those needing rehabilitation after an injury or operation, as well as challenge the skills and stamina of the elite athletes and international teams. Whether you want to work on one-to-one basis or in a group class, using mat work exercises and studio equipment, I can help you to achieve your goals. I combine the exercise plan with a tailored nutritional program.

As certified Pilates Instructor and Nutritionist, I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health and life for the better. You will look and feel at your best! Importantly, you will enjoy yourself along the way!

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